Chipotle’s Perilous Campaign

I’ve been noticing status updates from Chipotle on my Facebook newsfeed about an “Adventurrito” game online. I finally caved and went to the website to check out what it was all about and not 5 seconds after seeing the words “win 20 years of free burritos,” I had made an account.

Here’s the deal: Users make an account at Every day, a new trivia question is revealed on the the site. If users answer all twenty questions correctly (not necessarily on the day it’s revealed), they are then entered into a drawing to win massive, heartburn-inducing burritos for the next two decades. The site says that most of the questions can be answered through a simple internet search. If users are stumped, they can go into their nearest Chipotle, buy some “brain food,” and a unique text message code will be at the bottom of the receipt. After texting Chipotle with the code, they text you back with a hint for that day’s trivia question.

Sounded pretty smart to me, especially when I read a couple trivia questions and realized that they are all about Chipotle–where their food is sourced, and the first names of the company’s officer big wigs. Seems the game is a good method of raising awareness and gets more people buying.

Until I actually started playing the game. The first day’s question reads thus:

“When Steve Ells went on his quest for better tasting pork, he didn’t know where he would end up. Turns out, there’s a special place for pigs somewhere in Iowa. 

What’s the name of this magical place?”

So I did a simple Google search for “Chipotle pork source iowa.”

The first result is a positive report from NPR. The next three go to various pages on the site. But amongst those and a few others on the first page, are three negative articles, including one with the title “Chipotle Sells Twisted Image of Animal Agriculture.” Another puts “naturally raised” in quotes in the preview. The third says, in capital letters, “CHIPOTLE NOW MC DONNALDS [sic].” That last one refers to Chipotle’s previously being owned by the mega company, but it no longer is.

Secondly, the only times I have seen the Adventurrito game being advertised on Facebook, it has been to apologize for glitches, such as slow site loading and the hint code not printing on receipts.

In theory, Chipotle’s campaign is well built to get more people in the store and learning about the company, but some kinks definitely should have been thought out ahead of time, such as making sure the first page of Google results would not show negative commentary and preventing technological mishaps before they occurred.

What do you think? Is Chipotle’s game campaign a prize winner or a swine?


3 thoughts on “Chipotle’s Perilous Campaign

  1. Hey Cheyenne! Being an enormous fan of Chipotle and the like, I think it’s genius. This place and this contest has a HUGE following. I’ve been posting the answers on my blog daily…I usually have it within around 20 minutes after the question is revealed. Now granted, all that means is that I REALLY don’t have a life, but I’ll tell you, I’m seriously getting 1000 hits on my blog per day since I started. I’ve actually begun to consider adding some advertising on my blog because its popularity.

    You can find the answers here: and I wish you the best of luck!

    PS: one thing you failed to mention is that Chipotle is also having daily drawing from people who answer that day’s puzzle question correctlyso there’s an added incentive to visit their site every day.

    You should have my email and I’m now following you on Twitter. If you’d like to know more, contact me!

  2. Any idea why every variation of the correct answer (lot’s of research) I have entered returns a Hmmmm response? Is the game working?

    • Not sure. I never got past the first question, so I got frustrated and gave up (like the mature adult I am). I would check with Michael Owen who commented here as well. He’s keeping up with the competition every day on his blog:

      Happy burrito hunting!

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